Sunday, December 8, 2013

SP#6: Unit K Concept 10 - Writing Repeating Decimals as Rational Numbers

Make sure to pay close attention to when plugging the summation formula and also when dividing. Also remember to reduce the fraction if it can be reduce, if not just leave as it is.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Fibonacci Beauty Ratio Reflective Essay

Golden Ratio in Human Body
In this video, I learned a lot of interesting facts. The Fibonaci number is the preceding sum of the 2 numbers. When you divide one number by a number before it. They are attain very close to one another. The number is fixed after the thirteenth series, which is known as the “Golden Ratio” 1.618. The Golden Ratio is also use by artist like Leonardo da Vinci and Architect Le Corbusier. It is even found in our teeth, heart, lung and our DNA.

Nature by Number
Fibonacci wanted to know how many rabbit would produce in a year. So he start with a pair in January. He realized a pattern 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21,... Each number equals the two previous numbers of each series. Which is later known as the Fibonacci Series. Fibonacci Series is not only use with bunnys, but with flowers. For instance, a sunflower as a total numbers of 33, 55, or 89 petals. The Greeks believe that the rectangle held a key to beauty.

The Golden Ratio and Beauty in Architecture
The Golden Ratio was also used in Architecture. Like the Pyramid in Giza in Egypt, Parthenon in Athens, Greece, and many more. The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Chinese also use it in their architecture. This this shows that the Golden Ratio is used by a lot of people for designing.

The Golden Ratio Revisited
The Golden Ratio is invented by Euclid, a Greek mathematician and he is known as "The Father of Geometry. It helps define a proportion of any objects even if it was nature or man made. It was found in Leonardo da Vinci's painting like Mona Lisa and the “Vitruvian Man”. As well as in Adolf Zeising discovery and appearance. Like the arrangement of the branches, stems of plants and veins in the leaves.

Response and Reflection
From all the information I learned, I found the Golden Ratio in the Human Body is pretty amazing.
On how the Golden number 1.618 can determine who is beautiful. However, I don't believe that the Golden number can determine who is most beautiful because it is not that accurate. The are many people out there in the world that are pretty. It is just based on what the people definition of beautiful is. To me, my definition of beautiful is based on how they act and their personality not only how they look. Also based on how pure their soul are.